• Distance: 13.2Km
  • Slope: 1000m
  • Senyalització: senyalitzada
  • Duration: 4h 15min


We start the walk in the centre of the town of Espot. To get there from Sort, take the C-13 heading north towards Guingueta d’Àneu and just before we get there, at Torrassa reservoir, we take a left turn, along the LV-5004 local road. We take the road which leads towards the ski resort. We quickly reach Feners bridge over the Peguera river, from where we can see Torre dels Moros [“la Torreta”], a Mediaeval watchtower in good condition. Signposts indicate the GR-11-20 long distance path and we follow it to the Josep Maria Blanc mountain hut, first climbing alongside the Peguera. Further along, a path drops down to the left, to Font del Sofre down in the gorge. The spring water here is tepid and has a distinctive colour and taste.

The clearly marked path climbs steeply through the pine trees, crossing the river at Salvador bridge. The beautiful, shady path continues to climb and we again cross the Peguera over a log bridge, emerging into the open. The path now climbs through pastures and we soon cross a small stone wall which bridges a ditch.

The view opens up the higher we climb and the walk passes near Font Grossa torrent, which cascades down the cliffs above us in small waterfalls. This is a good place to stop and fill our water bottles. The path gets steeper and begins to zigzag, soon coming out of the trees. We cross a wide, swampy area over tree trunks.

On our left we can begin to see the dam on Lladres lake. The path now comes out onto a forestry track which comes up from our right. We follow the path, which climbs steeply. On the left, in the gaps between the trees, we can see the lovely Trescuro lakes, surrounded by pine trees and large expanses of aquatic vegetation.

We will soon reach the Romes sheepfold, which acts as a gateway to the upper Peguera valley, once we have climbed the granite wall ahead of us. The track skirts this granite area and on our right we can see the dam to the north-east of Tort de Peguera lake. Shortly afterwards, we leave the track, which goes towards Negre lake, and take a path to the right which will lead us to Refugi Josep Maria Blanc.

We reach this mountain refuge after walking approximately 2 hours 45 minutes (2,350 m). To return, we retrace our steps.

Interesting sites


  • Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici Lake National Park
  • Peguera valley
  • Pont de Feners
  • Torre dels Moros
  • Pont del Salvador
  • Lladres lake
  • Font del Sofre
  • Trescuro lake
  • Romes sheepfold
  • Tort lake de Peguera
  • Refugi Josep Maria Blanc

Practical information

For this walk, you need mountain boots and a rucksack with warm clothing and rain gear. If there is snow, you will also need crampons and an ice axe.

You should not embark on this walk without having taken these precautions. You should inform the wardens at the mountain refuge of the route you intend to take.

High mountains are a particularly delicate ecosystem: do not leave any trace of your presence. Take all your rubbish down to the valleys and dispose of it in the bins there.

Track D’Espot al refugi JM Blanc