Crossing Central Channel – “Font del Llop”

This is an interesting itinerary to start in the ski of steep slopes skiing.


We leave the Refuge J M Blanc. Then we follow the track leading to “Estany Negre”, Just a little before there, we go up by the reliefs leading to the small mountain pass (2.360m approx), under the spurs of “la Pala”. We, then, go down flanking without losing too much height until we reach the foot of the central channel.


The ascent of the Central Channel, easy at the beginning, is straightened and narrowed gradually until the two first thirds (approx.) of its height (50°), becoming easier in the superior third. According to the state of the snow, you can flank by the South slope or follow the edge until the mountain pass of “La Font del llop”. The descent can be made with skis from the mountain pass. The first part is the most difficult one (45°) and the slope smooths as the channel becomes wider. UNEVENNESS: 350m approx. SCHEDULE: Ascent of 1 to 3h according to the state of the snow.


Piolet, prudent crampones and rope or cordino. ATTAINABLE ÈPOCA: Usually general from March to May (variable according to years). 1ST SKI CROSSING: 9 of May of 1979 by Núria Soler, Quim Merlós and Jaume Fernandez.

Note: In the approaching route it is necessary to watch out during the flanking of “la Pala” because of the possible avalanches.In spring it is advisable to do it in the first morning hours.