The ledgend

The Crossing of Aigues Tortes and Sant Maurici Lake National Park.

It was the summer of 1987 when some guards of the area refuges decided to make the journey: Pallars – Ribagorça – Aran, in a single day. It was not a competition, only a way to visit the other guards and chat a while.

Someone, we don’t know exactly who, nor why, called it Carros de Foc (chariots of fire). Since then, when someone makes the trip in one day, summer or winter, the message goes from refuge to refuge, as fast as the wind crosses the hills: “Here come the Carros de Foc.”

Since that summer of 1987 many walkers, runners and mountaineers have enjoyed the Carros de Foc journey and many repeat the experience because there are always corners filled with beauty yet to be discovered.

Our challenge is to spread the love we feel for these mountains and show the beauty of this extraordinary journey that this experience provides our clients.